Cermak Road στο Σικάγο: ο πιο "πράσινος" δρόμος των ΗΠΑ

The verdict is in and as of April 1st 2013, Cermak Road in Chicago, IL is named the greenest street in America.

What makes this road so green? 

Well, its ability to be a self-sustaining and sufficient road is what puts it ahead of the competition. As part of a big effort to working towards a better future, the Windy city jump-started a $14 million project in redoing the industrial Pilsen neighborhood. Not only did they prove that it can be done in such a busy area but they were able to do it with a smaller budget than a traditional road-resurfacing project along with the expectancy of a lower cost for future maintenance.

Here are some other ways that made Cermak Road the greenest street in America in 2013:

· Streetlights are run by solar and wind power.
· Plants and trees are planted to capture more carbon dioxide.
· The sidewalks are made of recycled concrete.
· More bicycle lanes are added to encourage more people to ride bikes and to cut down on emissions.
· More trees, shrubs, and grasses are being planted to form a bioswales, which help prevent the rainwater from overfilling the sewer system.


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