Industrial Minerals MagMin Conference, 2-4 June 2014, Budapest.

Industrial Minerals Event’s MagMin Conference is the leading and most authoritative conference for the industry around magnesium and all its compounds; from magnesium hydroxide to CCM, DBM and EFM.

Key supply side issues are addressed by central members of the industry and, to complete the supply chain circle, end users and markets presentations are always heated topics of discussion. We’ll be looking at markets both geographic and consumer; flame retardants, hydrometallurgical, refractory, animal feed, environmental and more.

 This conference is attended annually by 200-300 delegates with representatives from across the supply chain: magnesite miners, synthetic producers, refractory brick producers and procurement managers from across a slew of end-uses for magnesium compounds such as welding, feed, fertilisers and flame retardants. 

Here is a summary of the event’s sessions: 

Day 1: Session I: Keynote panel - Includes a welcome address from the president of Euromines, an overview of the steel industry and two panel discussions on raw materials and refractory consumption Session II: China and other important regions Session III: Mg compounds and the environment Session IV: Technology 

Day 2: Session V: Keynote panel - The first ever panel discussion on opportunities and challenges for the CCM markets Session VI: The issues and impact of policy Session VII: Feeding the fire for the flame retardants markets Session VIII: Synthetic magnesia for high cost end markets Session IX: The hydrometallurgical market’s need for MgO In addition to a full two days of proceedings, we have organised a pre-event field trip in conjunction with Slovenske Magnezitove Zavody to their underground mine and processing facility in Jelsava, Slovakia, which will take 80 conference delegates at full capacity.


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