Raw Materials Conference, 20th of June 2014

On Friday, 20th of June in Athens 2014, SGT in cooperation with Euromines and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) are organising the European conference “Raw Materials High Level Conference. Maximizing Value: The Importance of the Extractive Industry to Growth in the EU Economy and its Regions ”. The conference is included in the official programme of the Greek Presidency of the EU and is fully endorsed by the Greek Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA).

Construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, machinery and the equipment sectors, which together provide a total value added of €1,324 billion and employment for some 30 million people, all depend on access to raw materials.

The ultimate aim of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials is to help raise industry's contribution to EU GDP to around 20% by 2020. It will also play an important role in meeting the objectives of the flagship European Commission initiatives ‘Innovation Union’ and ‘Resource Efficient Europe’. It will do this by ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy whilst increasing benefits for society as a whole.


Δημοσίευση σχολίου

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