Greeks and minerals...

Greeks and minerals have always lived together. In ancient times, Malachite, Hematite, Azurite and others were used in painting.

There were also used for their "medicinal" properties, leading to beliefs today in crystal therapy.

As Annie Rassios says: From I book I wrote about this (Energy Stones in Greek Nature) "Malachite (meaning in Greek “soft substance”) was used by the early Greek people, including those of the age described by Homer, to refine into copper; it reflects love, loyalty, promotes sensitivity and healing dreams, and aids eyesight and toothache. Hematite, a black stone that leaves a red streak when rubbed against another rock, was named from the Greek (Blood Stone), and was the stone for the mind. Azurite is a blue-colored copper sulfide alteration mineral found at nearly all sulfide mineral occurrences in Greece. It is valued as a guide to finding one’s psychic self, as a means of enhancing communication, and an aid to cutting through illusion."

It's a fun book, but my colleagues seem to think that if I publish it, everyone will think I'm a nutcase. I think these old beliefs are fun; and I'm already a nutcase.

No Annie, you are not a nutcase. You are just Annie...

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