This is the challenge for Lavrion of today.

A new circle has already started for Lavrio. It is the time of updating and highlighting its industrial heritage: geological, mineralogical, mining, metallurgical. Together with the archaelogical, historical and cultural ones. All in a turistic package that is international, unique and extremely challenging. Today, we have all realised that development is meaningless unless our monuments and envoronment are respected and our cultural identity preserves.

We have a lot treasures remaining to be highlighted: the archaeological museum with findings from antiquity till the early christian years, the mineralogical museum with displays unique in the whole world and minerals found only in the place of Lavrion, the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park administrated by the National Technical University of Athens, the old city Hall, the facilities of the French Mining Company, the ancient theater of Thorikos, the nearby temple of Poseidon-Sounio, the French Skala (pier), the J.B. Serpieri's statue, the statue of the "Cagemen" at the central square, the calamine (smithsonite) burning furnace, the Fish Market, the building with the Clock on the south of Lavrion port, the ancient mining washing facilities, the chemical laboratory of the Greek mining company of Lavrion, the National Nature Reserve of Sounio etc., are some of the area's sights.

And of course the living city of Lavrio, full of life. In the last few years, the city of Lavrio has gone through an amazing transformation. Restaurants, shops and cafes have opened and Lavrion has new life due to the rebuilding of the port into a major ferry terminal for the Greek islands and the relocation of several sailboat charter companies and a marina.

This is the challenge for Lavrion of today. And the same is the specific goal of our web page. The effort to preserve and publicise the history, civilization and monuments of the region together with a turistic development hint which is desperately needed and welcome.

ΛΑΥΡΙΟ, ΓΙΑ ΟΣΟΥΣ ΑΓΑΠΟΥΝ ΤΟ ΛΑΥΡΙΟ Laurio, for everyone who loves laurio
Οδοιπορικό στο αρχαίο και νεότερο μεταλλευτικό Λαύριο

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