Flight to Freedom...

Πήρα πάλι σήμερα ένα e-mail, ξενόγλωσσο αυτή τη φορά:

Look, here is a bird I found lying on the hot sidewalk last year.
I raised him until he was full grown
(which only takes three weeks I discovered).

I made my entire bathroom into a bird cage for him. *giggle*.

And the first time I opened the window he flew away,
through the membrane into the "universe of birds"
and I never saw him again.

And I cried, of course.


See this video Δείτε κι αυτό το βίντεο


Ανώνυμος είπε...

so sweet, so sad, so expected, so... real!

Thats life Shanni..A flight to freedom!


Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

τα πουλιά γεννιούνται να ζουν στον ουρανό,όχι σε κουτιά,ούτε σε κλουβιά.
Πολύ γλυκιά η ενέργεια της κοπέλλας να περιθάλψει και να φροντισει το πουλάκι οσο είχε την ανάγκη της,όμως απο το κείμενο κατάλαβα οτι οσο κι δέθηκε μαζι του γνωρίζει οτι το σωστό είναι οι ανθρωποι να ζουν με ανθρωπους και τα πουλια με πουλιά.

Ανώνυμος είπε...

You know that first picture, where he is lying flat in the palm of my hand? That was a whole week after found him. He had NO feathers, and looked like a little embryo, when I first found him.

I was going to call a "bird rescue" place-- but I think they only rescue eagles and "more important birds." This little bird looked like an earthworm, and I thought ''No one will want to 'rehabilitate' an earthworm!"

(But this little orphaned earthworm would go through the motions of "preening himself" in a very-distinguished manner, right from the start.)

After two weeks, I quit hand-feeding him (I fed him a high-protein paste I got from an animal store), and I started hiding food, first in low places, and then in high places, in the bathroom -- so he could find it for himself. And he would do it!

I miss him, even now.


Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

my dear shanni I respect and admire your kind heart.
You'll always want the best for this tiny soul and a bird's happiness is always up in the sky.
I'm sure it will always be instinctively gratefull to you for you have given it its life and happiness for a second time.

ellinida είπε...


marayia είπε...

Μπράβο στην κοπελιά που το περιέθαλψε ! Οι ανθρωποι με τους ανθρώπους και τα ζώα ελεύθερα στη φύση! Μακάρι να αντιδρούσαν όλοι έτσι .. δεν 8αχαμε ¨κλουβιά και τσίρκα..

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