I am a Consumer Drone : Corporate America understands me...

I was molded to perfection
By a process that rivals natural selection
And puts "psychotherapy" to shame

But then, my psyche's not so hard to figure out
Put simply: I want to be admired
And that's the key
That my Master wields so perfectly
Let's face it: Corporate America understands me.

I wistfully imagine the admiring glances
I'll elicit with a Calvin Klein suit
And when Nike says, "Just Do It"
Well, I do. (Of course I do.)

In fact, I spend my days in a consumer haze
Anxiously pursuing my next acquisition
So when my Master tightens the screws another notch
I'm simply too tired to ask any questions.

I've forgotten what it's like to be alive
But that's okay:
You see, I've got my sights set on a Jeep Cherokee!
Yes, I'm a finely tuned cog in the corporate machine.

[poem by Sharon Preston]

[A sign reading 'Please Don't Steal What We Have Left' making a plea to would-be looters in front of a hurricane IKE-damaged beach, made me wonder: where is Corporate America when people find their homes devastated ?] [by peter tzeferis]


Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

there is definately a corporate responsibility to modern man's helpnessness.It's our responsibility.Therefore it's our responsibility also to remold ourselves, instead of feeling self pity, to a loving and dearly loved , by ourselves first, being.

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Nice poem
and yeah its sad there are so many in the WORLD willing to take advantage of those that are already hurting
and thats EVERYWHERE Peter
not just in hurricane ike damaged area

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Of course it is a worldwide phenomenon. But here (in the poem)we talk about poor consumers and "evil" in corporate world which has it "head" and we have to admit it.

Whenever there is a natural disaster, we always know exactly where the corporations are:
They are busy (in cahoots with "their" government)doing the REAL looting, leaving almost nothing for the common man who is taxed half to death -- no protections, no assistance, nothing -in times of natural disaster, or under any circumstances.
These corporations are awarded GIANT no-bid contracts every single time there is a natural disaster -- and it is always discovered that the money has been wasted, stolen, "lost," etc.

Just one of a thousand examples:

Audit: FEMA wasted millions on no-bid contracts

And the matter of the AIG bail out is the same thing. No single company should EVER be so huge that its failure should endanger this country's economy (nor much less the world's) -- thus (allegedly) requiring that they be "bailed out" to the tune of billions of dollars of public money.

And, as you well know, , these companies don't grow to these monstrous, dangerous proportions because of the free market or innovation or anything like that. They grow to this size because they are protected by "their government" from their bad business practices -- and (what should have been) their resulting failures, long before they had the possibility of creating a national or global economic crisis.

This is so much closer to communism than it is to "free markets"

Communism with a Nike swoosh on it.

Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

corporations are made of hummans,of us then,isn't it?
We should stop looking for someone else to blame even when at one occasion it's literally someoneelse's fault.Nothing will ever ameliorate this way.

Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

at least the american government gave to the market its budget,something like a trillion dollars.
Yet,there is no justice in this world,that's for sure.
Each and everyone of us can only be fair in his life and creative and helpfull at his field.
Otherwise what does one achieve simply by complaining?I really don't undesrastand.

Ανώνυμος είπε...


Ανώνυμος είπε...

Those companies that are being "bailed out" (each and every one of them) have been reporting losses, operating with absolute inefficiency, and paying out hundreds of millions in "bonuses" to the pirates and thieves that manage them.

When trillions of dollars are paid from the public coffers to stagnant, inefficient, gigantic entities -- how is that not communism?

And where is the incentive for them to operate efficiently or bring innovation to society (which are the philosophical underpinnings of capitalism)? There is none. (Just like in communism). And how, if the nature of the problem is not addressed or even discussed, will this not happen again? It WILL happen again. So they are not solving anything - but simply delaying an economic catastrophe.

But believe me, the working people of this country are not seeing this as a "charitable act by our government." This money is coming out of our flesh! And like I said, we get nothing, NOTHING in return.

Government, and those who rely on it, say, "No matter what corrupt practices led to this catastrophe, we can't let the economy crash."

Even if that's so, they CAN (but won't) put conditions on this bailout, like forcefully breaking these giant entities like AIG into smaller ones, and in the future, allowing inefficient, corrupt entities to fail when they are still at a size where they cannot cause national economic ruin.

(Basic principles of free market say that in the aftermath of such natural failures, efficiency and new ideas flourish.)

The government can (but won't) let the free market and anti-trust laws work as they should. Instead, they are just going to hand out a trillion dollars, with no conditions at all, to the pirates and "vampires" who are their "partners in crime.

You can't imagine how all of this hurts the common person here -- after we saw during Katrina (and a dozen times since then) that our national infrastructure, for emergency relief and, obviously, everything else -- which WE paid for, throughout our lives, with the callouses on our hands -- is GONE.

I hope people in Greece, and other developed countries, don't sit idly by and let things go in this same direction.

Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

oh,I forgot it's election time in the U.S.A.
You are right in everything you say my dear,I am an outsider though,I find rights and wrongs in all candidates,I don't know much about everyday life in the states anyway.
I can only hope everything will turn out for the best for your country as well as for the rest of the world.

Ευτυχία Μεντζελοπούλου είπε...

an outside looker rather...

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