A day of minerals!

We all use and depend on the earth’s mineral resources. Minerals extracted from the earth underpin every aspect of our daily life including the food we eat, the homes we live in, the power we use,where we work and how we travel and communicate with others.The importance of minerals in everyday life is however hardly recognized by the vast majority of people although, as mentioned earlier, the average person consumes and uses tens of tons of minerals every year. Day after day, from the early morning to the late evening, there will be many activities relied on, and likewise, many products consumed and used, containing minerals.

Turning on the electric light switch in the morning, for example, we need to use copper and aluminium products, whereas for coffee drinking, we use pots made of silica sand or feldspar. Taking a shower requires water supply pipes often made by copper, iron, nickel and chromium. Brushing our teeth with toothpaste we use calcium carbonate, phosphate, gypsum, fluorite and dolomite.The car we drive on our way to work is composed of many different components that were manufactured from minerals. The tires use calcium carbonate and clay. All the glassy parts are made from silica sand and feldspar. The engine is made out of iron, lead, molybdenum, chromium, nickel and zinc. Getting to the office and turning on the computer we use products manufactured from gold, silica, nickel, aluminium, zinc, iron and thirty other metals, all derived from minerals. When coming home in the evening, by warming up our meal we use the microwave oven made from silica, copper, gold, iron and nickel. We enjoy our refreshments in a glass or ceramic mug of silica,calcium carbonate and feldspar, watching at the same time the television made of components using silica, iron, copper, aluminium and nickel.


Δημοσίευση σχολίου

Προσβλέπω σε έναν ευπρεπή διάλογο χωρίς κακόβουλα και υβριστικά σχόλια που προσβάλλουν την αισθητική μας αλλά κι εκείνη της ελληνικής γλώσσας. Εντούτοις, όλα τα σχόλια δημοσιεύονται!