Without mining we’d all be living in caves

RECENTLY I challenged Green groups to name one place in Australia where they would support a new mine and one place in Australia where they would support oil or gas exploration and processing.

The response was predictable. I’m still waiting for an answer. Meanwhile, Green groups published responses to my articles which were full of broad principles and motherhood statements but no specifics.

There was also the usual flurry of internet outrage. And what I found extraordinary is there are apparently educated individuals who have no idea that most of the items they use and rely on every day come from mining. It’s a bit like the person who buys meat from the supermarket and recoils when they hear of someone killing a cow.


Δημοσίευση σχολίου

Προσβλέπω σε έναν ευπρεπή διάλογο χωρίς κακόβουλα και υβριστικά σχόλια που προσβάλλουν την αισθητική μας αλλά κι εκείνη της ελληνικής γλώσσας. Εντούτοις, όλα τα σχόλια δημοσιεύονται!