Social License in Mining activities

The factor of the public awareness, social perception and "social license" that are important factors nowadays taken into consideration for the exploration and assessment of mineral resources. Nowadays a "social license" is strongly needed. Unfortunately, the syndromes Not in my back yard (NIMBY) or Not in any back yard (NIABY) are well established in our country for mining extracting sector causing more delays in permitting procedures or even can lead to the zero point of cancellation of any investment project .

To get the "social license" u have to target to the intersection of the three well known circles of Sustainable Development, you have to succeed in both sustainable and responsible mining. That means to 1) provide real values not only for yourself 2) to balance the benefits to meet the society and social environment needs and 3) ensure transparency of your works.

Moreover, you have to take seriously into account, this is not given as a gift, it happens by effective design, it needs planning and cooperation with local communities. Local communities management, happen by effective design.

Peter Tzeferis

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